Send Love the Special Way

With the handmade LovePod you can send heartbeats to your loved one, using your smartphone as a remote control...

The LovePod Story

I made the LovePod for a remote love. I live in The Netherlands and she lived in Bulgaria. Texting her became so ordinary and did not feel like communicating from the heart. So in order to let my far-away love know what I felt for her, I developed the LovePod. An easy to install IoT (Internet of Things) WiFi connected gemstone that allowed me to send my girl heartbeats. So that when she would come home from a long day at work, her hair wet from it being rainy that day, and she would open the door to her apartment, she would see and feel my love through the LovePod beating heartbeats for her. This is the story of the LovePod...a remote controlled love jewel made by and for lovers. Get yours here.

Jeroen Jager
Inventor and maker of the LovePod


Jeroen Jager
Koerbergseweg 6
8181 LL Heerde
The Netherlands